Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ink Review: J.Herbin 1670

Photo by Margana from FPN

This ink made it to me from France because I was too impatient to wait for it to be ready and available here stateside. I am glad I made the plunge and got it early. This is a great rich red. This is what I would call a Roman Lady red and is great and saturated. Herbin says it is modeled after the reds of the old royal court and I can see that.

The ink behaves very well flowing freely and in a good wet line from the nib. No feathering at all and no bleed through. I did not see any shadowing either which is even better so you can use both sides of even the thin paper. For myself I did not see a lot of shading just a hair, which is very pretty.

Dry time is in line with other Herbins, on a more absorbent paper I would say a left-hander would have no trouble using this one. The sugar cane paper seems to leave things on the top of the paper more than absorb. This ink does not do well with water at all. Over all as long as they offer it this is a keeper red for me.

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