Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ink Review: PR Plum

Did anyone miss me? I know I have not done any reviews in a while but I have been pretty sick so here we go I will start reviews again with a purple..PR Plum.

This was my first shot at a PR ink and of course because I love wet ink I had to get the Plum, I have been told the Tanzanite was even wetter but the jet pens was out of it when I ordered. So here is the lovely PR Plum. I love it. Over all the ink behaves very well on my paper it is a deep rich saturated color with a lovely wet line. I can see no feathering or bleed through. I have some small showing through on the otherside of the notebook page but nothing that would keep one from using both sides of the page. Plum doesn't have a large amount of shading, but there is some subtle work. Because of how wet the ink is the dry time is a bit slow but I think on the right paper it would be great for a left hand writer or just one who is careful. Make sure to keep this one away from water it does not like it at all.

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