Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ink Review: De Atramentis Caramel

An FPNer who wrote me a letter and used this color on one page introduced this ink to me. Instantly I knew I had to have it. Which is a little strange because I generally only use Antique browns and this is not one? Nevertheless, I loved it I had to have it. The ink is a smaller company and harder to get but once again thanks to an FPNer I found it at Art Brown (no affiliation) and ordered it.

This review was written again with my Jinaho F5 M nib and written on Staples Bagesse
composition notebook paper. This ink behaves nicely and lays down very wet. While it is wet it does not feather and did not bleed through on this paper, it did not show any shadows on it either. It has in my opinion beautiful shading.

The dryer line was written with a No name Fine nibbed pen that is usually very dry. Again, the ink behaved nicely, you will notice that the shading is not as noticeable but the pretty golden brown is still clear and even with my dry pen it laid down a wet line.

Dry time is a little high because of how wet it sets down so lefties will want to be careful again. But this is such a beautiful ink I think it is worth the extra care and dry time. And a bonus is that while your writing it smells like a yummy Caramel candy. The scent only lasts 10 minutes so it is for the writer not the person who will get the writing.

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