Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ink Review: J. Herbin Perle Noire

Photo from a Flickr Photo Stream

Black ink number two for me and back to the J.Herbin that I enjoy very much (not to say Noodlers isn’t good). The Perle Noire is not as saturated as the Noodler’s Polar black, but it is still a good deep true black. I used my Jinaho F5 M nib once again and it flowed smoother than the Polar Black and still laid down a very nice wet line. I felt that it behaved better but the PB also behaved fairly well. There was no feathering or bleed through on the bagesse paper. There was some slight shadowing but I feel you could still write on the other side of the page.

Using my Jinaho fine point dried up the line some but it still laid down a nice black line that would be good for any professional work. I really do prefer colors over all but the right black works for me when I need black. Perle Noire dries a bit faster than the Polar Black IMO so it would be preferable for a
lefty. If I had to pick between the two inks to have just one this Perle Noire would be my pick. It also has a fair resitance to water the residue does come over but you can still clearly see the words.

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