Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ink Review: J. Herbin Lie de Thé

This is an ink that I have been considering for a while but having read some reviews about it being baby diaper green shaded when wet made me nervous. Nevertheless, when I was picking up a bottle of Perle Noire I decided to pick it up as well and test it out. I love to copy historical documents and I am always looking for the perfect brown to place on my Ivory Parchment.

Tested again with my Jinaho F5 M nib and on Staples Bagesse composition notebook to try to keep variables on the ink tests similar.

The ink behaves very nicely on this paper laying down a nice wet line. It has no feathering and no bleed through although there is some dark shadowing on the other side of the paper. There is a subtle but pretty shading to this brown. And it stands up fairly well to water although it is not bulletproof. There is a green hue to it but on paper without a darker brown near it, you will have a hard time noticing it.

The ink dries at a decent “standard” time faster when a laid down with a drier writing pen so lefties may want to think about using a finer nib that writes a little drier.

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