Friday, March 19, 2010

Ink Review: Noodler's Dragon's Napalm

I liked the name of this ink from the get go. I thought it would be interesting to use an ink called Dragons Napalm. Now the bottle claims that it is a Sepia Shading Carmine and honestly, I do not see that. What I see is a very vivid orange with a little bit of red in it. So while it does not look (to me) like what it says on the bottle it is still a fantastic orange. Bright and vivid and easy to read on the page, because it is not TOO bright.

Once again, I used my Staples paper and the Jinhao F5 pen what can I say I watch Mythbusters and like to keep variables to a minimum as they do. The line is nice and wet when laid down and does not bleed through the page there is minimal shadowing on the other side of the paper and no feathering at all. Dry time is about the same as other Noodler's inks and a lefty will want to be careful. There is not a very good water tolerance either.

Using my Dollar SP-10 a dry writer the line is not as intense and there is not any shading at all but it is still a very nice intense color but just dryer and fine line written. Overall if you like Orange and like saturated ink this is a great color for you.

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