Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ink Review: Noodler's Lexington Gray

Another Noodler’s and one that I honestly never thought I would have. The idea of a gray ink just never hit me, but a friend asked me to review this ink for them so here I am. The ink lays down a very nice very wet line and has some subtle but pretty shading. It is hard to see in the scan but I promise its there, subtle like a wisp of grey mist. There is some very slight feathering but you cannot notice it without looking very close, no bleed through and some slight shadowing on the other side of the paper.

In this review, I did forget to write a dry version of the Lexington Gray as I have in all of my other reviews. however because it lays down such a nice wet line I am going to assume that aside from the shading being muted out (as it often is in a finer nib for all inks) that it will look very similar. The ink is supposed to be modeled after the Lexington, which it does well, but the other thing I think of when I look at this ink is Confederate Gray’s so bring on the civil war historical thoughts.

The ink has a nice dry time and does not take as long as some of the other Noodler’s Inks and the water did not have any affect on it at all which since it is listed, as a bulletproof ink is what I would expect.

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